Trans* Clinical Care and Management Training (TCCM)

Important Information for TCCM Attendees


Check-in will begin at 7:30 am on Thursday, June 4th outside of room 116 (please see attached map).  


·         The Pennsylvania Convention Center has a variety of entrances, and this year we have moved to a new part of the building. The address of the professional track entrance is 1301 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

·         A google map of the convention center location is here:

·         Professional track attendees should enter through the doors at the Northwest corner of 13th street and Arch street (from Arch St.).

·         Please see the attached map of the convention center to familiarize yourself with the location of rooms 115A, 115B, 115C and 116 (the Professional Track rooms)


CLE courses will be held in room 115B

TCCM courses will be held in room 115C

TBHI courses will be held in room 115A

Co-occurring workshops will be held in room 116


SCHEDULE – Thursday, June 4, 2015







7:30-8:30 Registration

8:30am-9:15 Opening Remarks

·         9:30-11:00am #1Rigid, Flexible, or ? Will the real WPATH Standards Please Stand Up?

·         11:10-12:10pm #2 Who's Afraid of Choice?


·         9:30-11:00am #1: 101: Intro to Care and Management of the Transgender patient in the Primary Care Setting

·         11:10-12:10pm #2: Update on health Insurance and Healthcare Discrimination Law


·         9:25-10:25am#1: Breaking ID Barriers: Improving the Name and Gender Change Process

·         10:30-11:30am #2:Direct Legal Services to the Trans Community

·         11:40-12:40pm#3: Trans Youth in the Juvenile Justice System


*Please remember that lunch will not be provided. Feel free to pack a lunch or visit nearby establishments like Reading Terminal Market.

TBHI 12:10-1:10                  TCCM 12:10-1:10     CLE 12:40-1:40


·         1:10-2:10 (co-occurring) #3 The Assessment and Treatment of Gender Dysphoria in Children and Adolescents

·         1:10-2:10 (co-occurring)

#4 Grief and Loss Through the Lens of Spiritual Self-Identification

·         2:20-3:50 #5 Gender Trauma: EMDR with Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming Persons


·         1:10-2:10 #3: Medical Options for Trans* Youth

·         2:20-3:50 (co-occurring)#4: Trans Health: An Evidence Based Update

·         2:20-3:50 (co-occurring)#5: Nursing/Medical Care for Trans Patients in Hospital and Community Health

·         1:40-2:40pm #4: Trans Issues in the Criminal Justice System

·         2:50-3:50 #5:Update on Health Insurance and Healthcare Discrimination Law


4-5:30 #6 PACTS (Pediatric and Adolescent Comprehensive Transgender Services)

Interdisciplinary Panel for All Tracks

SCHEDULE – Friday, June 5, 2015




·         8:30-10am #7 Autism and gender variance

·         10:10-11:40am (co-occurring) #8 Group therapy for transgender and gender expansive adolescents and young adults

·         10:10-11:40am (co-occurring) #9 Preventing suicide in transgender and gender nonconforming


·         8:30-10am #7: Genital Surgery Including Reversal Options Setting

·         10:10-11:10am  #8: Gender Confirmation Surgery

·         11:15-12:15pm#9: The BLAST Initiative: BRCA1 Long-term Actions on Susceptible Trans* Populations

·         8:30-9:30am #7: Trans Competence in Courtroom Settings: Experiences in the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania

·         9:45 -10:45am#8: In re Vanesa: Best Practices in Engaging Legal Volunteers to Represent Trans Asylum Claims

·         11am-12pm #9: Cultural Competence for Lawyers: Understanding Medical Science is Key to Transgender Legal Competency * (ethics credit)


*Please remember that lunch will not be provided. Feel free to pack a lunch or visit nearby establishments like Reading Terminal Market.

TBHI 11:40-12:30                                                      TCCM 12:15-1:05pm                             CLE 12pm-1pm


11:40am – 12:40pm: Open Poster Session

·         Creation and Implementation of the National Practice Guidelines for Psychologists

·         Research on Trans* Identity: New Insights Using a More Inclusive Approach

·         Estrogen Therapy for Patients with Gilbert’s Syndrome: Can Knowledge from Contraception Resources Help Guide Practice

·         12:30-1:30pm (co-occurring) #10 Trans and gender non-conforming therapists: on disclosure, countertransference and navigating dynamics of privilege and marginalization

·         12:30-1:30pm (co-occurring) #11 Beyond a safer sex kit: examining art therapy as an effective tool for exploring sex, sexuality and pleasure with sexually marginalized populations (*accredited by NASW only)

·         1:40-2:40pm #12 Being heard: mental and vocal health perspectives about voice and identity

·         2:50-4:20pm #13 Identifying and interrupting disturbances of contact through a Gestalt lens: Introjection


·         1:05-2:05 #10: Case Studies within an Informed Consent Model; Are We Obligated to Prescribe?

·         2:10-3:10 #11: HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care Services for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People – Best Practices for Primary Care Providers

·         3:15-4:15#12: The History of Transgender Medicine in the United States

·         1:10-2:10 #10: Gender Identity and Expression in the Workplace: Law and Workplace Issues

·         2:20-3:40 #11: Federal Policy Update

·         3:40-4:30 Networking Break



4:30-6pm #14 Pathways to Parenthood for Trans* People

Interdisciplinary Panel for All Tracks

6-8pm Professional Track Networking Mixer at Field House





6/4/15: Opening Night Reception @ 7:30pm at William Way (1315 Spruce St.)

6/5/15: Professional Networking Mixer @ 6:30pm at Field House (1150 Filbert St.)



For the first time, the professional track is excited to present a Trans-Health poster session, offering innovative and cutting edge research from a variety of Behavioral Health and Medical providers. Please check out the poster presentations on Friday, July 5th from 11:40-12:40pm in the Professional Track hallway outside of rooms 115A, B and C.


We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!



The Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference Team


Registration for TCCM is Now CLOSED

14th Annual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, Professional Track

June 4-5, 2015 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Center City Philadelphia



If you have questions about attending the TCCM track of the conference please contact

   ***This training is for licensed medical providers and students of medical professions.***   

Summary of TCCM

The Trans* Clinical Care and Management course will offer attendees evidence-based education in the care of transgender patients. Course faculty are established experts in the field who have collectively cared for thousands of transgender patients.

¿De qué se trata el curso de Cuidado y Gestión Clínico para Transexuales (TCCM en Inglés)?

El curso de TCCM ofrecerá formación, basada en evidencia, en el cuidado de pacientes transexuales.  Los profesores son expertos en el campo y han cuidado, en conjunto, miles de personas transexuales.


This two-day course is designed for new as well as experienced medical providers (MD, DO, NP, Midwife, PA-C, APN, RN, ND, PharmD, DC) and students of medical professions interested in the primary care of adult and pediatric transgender patients. screening, cross-sex hormone use, surgical care, and mental health concerns.





EarlyBird (Now Closed)


Student Rate



Professional Rates

$150 - RN


$185 - PAs & Advanced Practice Nurses


$200 - MDs & DOs



Please join us after the continuing education program each day for our evening events:

Opening Night Ceremony, June 4th, 7pm at William Way

Professional Networking Mixer, June 5th, 6pm at Field House

Cancellation Policy:  Written cancellation must be received on or before May 15, 2015 and the full amount will be refunded less a $5 administrative fee. No refunds will be made after .