Trans* Behavioral Health Care Training


Registration for TBHI is closed. 

13th Annual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

June 12-14, 2014 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Center City Philadelphia


This training is for behavioral health/mental health professionals and students of behavioral health/mental health professions.

Summary of TBHI:

The aim of the Trans Behavioral Health Care Initiative course within the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference is to provide instruction and training opportunities to therapists, psychologists and social workers who offer services to trans-identified clients or have interest in learning more about how to provide trans affirming care. This series of workshops will outline evidence based research, clinical methodology and best practices for clinicians and will be presented by leaders in the field of mental health and transgender services.

Lecturers will present on current topics and modalities relevant to the intersection of behavioral health and gender, while including a contextual backdrop drawn from pertinent policy and legal considerations. Workshops will also highlight existing community-based resources and link participants to additional client supports and examine gaps in services for trans identified patients.

¿De qué se trata la Iniciativa de Salud Mental para Transexuales (TBHI en Inglés)?

El objetivo del curso  de TBHI de la Conferencia de Salud Transexual de Filadelfia es la formación de terapeutas, psicólogos y trabajadores sociales quienes les ofrecen servicios a clientes transexuales o a quienes les interesa aprender más sobre como ofrecer servicios adecuados y afirmativos a gente transexual. Esta serie de talleres, presentado por líderes en el campo de salud mental y servicios transexuales, incluirá la investigación basada en evidencia, la metodología clínica y las prácticas adecuadas.

Los profesores presentarán sobre temas actuales y métodos relevantes a la intersección de salud mental e identidad de género, basado en los contextos políticos y legales de hoy. Además, los talleres destacarán los recursos comunitarios existentes y les conectarán a participantes con estos servicios, mientras examinan las deficiencias que siguen en los servicios para clientes transexuales.


Trans* Behavioral Healthcare Initiative (TBHI)

Thursday, June 12th 
8:30-9:00 amOpening RemarksJudy Morrissey, LCSW
9:00-10:30 amA Transfeminist Approach to Clinical Work with T/GNC Children, Individuals, and FamiliesShannon Sennott, L.I.C.S.W. 
10:30-10:45 amBREAK 
10:45-12:00 amConcurrent Workshops: 
 Autism Spectrum Disorder & Trans* IdentityLaura A. Jacobs, LCSW & Katherine Rachlin, PhD
 Advocating for Non-Binary Identified Patients in a Medical Setting Linda Hawkins, PhD & Nadia Dowshen, MD
12:00-1:00 pmLUNCH 
1:00-2:00pmThe Role of Voice Training in Transgender HealthcareChrisitie Block, SLP
2:10-3:30pmTrauma Informed Practice for the Trans* Community: How yesterday impacts today and tomorrow. Laura Hinds, LSW & Lisa Pozzi, MA, LPC
3:40-5:00pmBetween Pink & Blue: Raising Children Across the Gender SpectrumJean Malpas, LMFT, LMHC; Rebecca Ross, LCSW
Friday, June 13th 
9:00-10:30 amCase PresentationsSJ Langer, LCSW & Avgi Saketopoulou, PsyD
10:30-10:45 amBREAK 
10:45-12:00 amConcurrent Workships: 
 Bridging Feminism: Creating Tran-Affirming Feminist SpacesAlison Gerig, LCSW; Loretta Fitzgibbons, MSW, MEd; Eli Green, PhD, CSE
 Trans Providers Speak: A Panel DiscussionDamon Constantinides, PhD; SJ Langer, LCSW; Laura Jacobs, LCSW; Jasper Liem, MSS, LSW
12:00-1:00 pmLUNCH  & Provider Mixer/Resource Share 
1:00-2:00pmWhat's Your Gender? Gender Affirmative Model for Working with Children and AdolescentsDiane Ehrensaft, PhD
2:10-3:30pmSex (Positive) Therapy with Individuals of Trans and GNC ExperienceShannon Sennott, L.I.C.S.W.
3:30-3:45 pmBREAK 
4:00-5:30 pmPediatric Trans*Care: Multidisciplinary Persepcetives (open to all three disciplines) Robert Winn, MD; Ilana Shere, MD; Barrett Marshall, Esq; Linda Hawkins, PhD
5:30-5:45 pmClosing Remarks 
6:00-9:00 pmMixer at Field House 

12.99 continuing education credits will be offered for TBHI by the NASW-PA. 


The cost of the course is based on continuing education credit pricing for the credits that will be offered for the entire 2 day training. The type of credits needed will be dependent on the level of education (PhD/MD, MS, BA/BS, or other) required by your certification body.  Please check with your certifying organization about if they will accept Continuing Education Units from the National Association of Social Work in which case you can register for the Master/Bachelors/Other Level Certification/Licensure Credits. If they do not accept those credits and require credits from a higher level certifying body please register for the Doctoral Level Credits as we will be offering credits appropriate for that level (more details coming soon).  If you are an NASW member your credits are discounted.


Education Level/Licensure LevelCost
Doctoral Level Certification/Licensure (MD, DO, PhD, PsyD, NP, PA, RN)$125
Masters/Bachelors/Other Level Certification/Licensure (Non- NASW Member) $75
NASW Member$70
Behavioral/Mental Health Students



Cancellation Policy:  Written cancellation must be received on or before June 2, 2014 and the full amount will be refunded less a $5 administrative fee. No refunds will be made after June 2, 2014.