Tween Space

Tween-Space is both a lounge and activity zone organized by the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference.

Tween-Space is dedicated to programming and socializing opportunities for 10-13 year olds. We'll be doing everything from performances, to workshops, art making and more! The Tween Space will be offered in the same room as the Tot Space but in a separated space to allow for more age specific activities. Participants in the Tween-Space will also have the opportunity to participate in the daily features in the the PTHC Kids Camp.

Tween-Space will provide an age-appropriate alternative to the PTHC Kids Camp (ages 4-10) or the PTHC Teen Space (ages 13+), for people who are ages 10-13. This program will be inclusive of young people with diverse gender experiences, including allies and family members, as well as gender variant (GV) youth.


Please email for more information

To volunteer for the Tween Space email