Transmasculine People Considering Pregnancy (intensive)


For transmen, trans-masculine people and others on the FTM spectrum who are considering becoming: bearing fathers, seahorse papas, egg daddies or otherwise becoming parents through pregnancy and birth. Relevant practical, emotional, social, medical, financial and legal issues will be explored. Partners and intended co-parents are encouraged to attend. Possible topics (depending on time and interest) will include: • Navigating life as a pregnant man • Myths and stereotypes • Testosterone and pregnancy • The mechanics of getting pregnant • Preparing for pregnancy-related complications • Birth plans and contingencies • The impact of trans-phobic attitudes and behaviors on our families • Becoming your own health care self-advocate

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j wallace
j wallace is an educator, activist, and writer. j's full time work is addressing issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools. This includes work supporting gender independent children and trans children and youth through social transitions in school settings. j also does work with The LGBTQ Parenting Network in Toronto, developing and facilitating both Transmasculine People Considering Pregnancy, and Queer and Trans Family Plannings. j's family includes a two children, a husband, and an eclectic and fabulous constellation of chosen family. j's professional website, and he blogs at www. often about the intersections of gender, education and parenting.
Presenter 2 Information
Syrus Marcus Ware
Syrus Marcus Ware is a visual artist, community activist, researcher and educator. And a new dad! He is a founding member of the Transparent-cy Working Group at The 519 Community Centre. He helped to initiate the Trans-Fathers 2B course- the first course for trans men considering parenting in North America. This course ran for the first time in Toronto, Ontario in 2007. Syrus contributed a chapter in Who's Your Daddy?: And Other Writings on Queer Parenting (Sumach Press, 2008) entitled “Going Boldly Where Few Men Have Gone Before: One Trans Man’s Experience of Fertility Clinics”. He is the author of the study "Assessing the HIV/AIDS Service Needs of Trans Communities in Toronto", published by the AIDS Committee of Toronto in 2004. He has an MA in Sociology and Equity Studies at OISE, University of Toronto. His MA research considered trans policy and trans studies curriculum development in post-secondary schools in North America. Syrus is also a founding member of the Gay/Bi Trans Men's HIV Prevention Working Group for the Ontario AIDS Bureau and one of the creators of “Primed: A Back Pocket Guide for Trans Guys and the Guys Who Dig ‘Em”.
2015 Conference
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