Submit a Co-Occurring Event

Beyond the workshops and activities organized by the PTHC planning committee there are many events scheduled throughout the weekend that have been planned by other community groups and organizations. As a service to our attendees, PTHC will compile a list of these events and advertise them on our website and in the conference program book.  It is our hope that these events will augment our official schedule and provide conference attendees with a variety of opportunities to interact with local and national organizations, community members, and one another.

We are specifically looking to highlight the following:

  • public and community events already planned for June 4-6, 2015 which are trans-inclusive
  • collaborative events between local/national organizations
  • coupons,discounts, or specials for local attractions or events for June 4-6, 2015

We strongly encourage event submissions that are

  • inclusive
  • accessible
  • family-friendly
  • sober spaces
  • athletic or heath-related
  • networking/community building
  • during Thursday & Friday evenings, Saturday & Sunday daytime

This list is not all-inclusive! We encourage submissions for events of all types!

Questions?  Contact

  • Logistical Coordinator, Samantha Dato, is available to answer questions as well as help people submit co-occuring events who do not have regular access to or the ability to use computers. She can be reached at or on the phone at 215-563-0652 x264.


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