Non-Binary and Trans: Political Identities, Narratives, and Experiences

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Guided Discussion
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Interactive Activity

With the emerging narratives of non-binary identities, we wish to consider where non-binary identity fits under the trans umbrella, if it even does. While many people consider themselves to be non-binary and trans, these are not automatically linked and represent two very different experiences of sex/gender identities and social experiences of being gendered. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss and explore how these experiences both overlap and differ an to tease out the way these experiences create the categories themselves.

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Presenter 1 Information
Lucy Homan
Lucy has been active for years in developing and influencing both theory and practice among trans and non-binary people as a writer, activist, and educator. A native Appalachian, Lucy was born and raised in West Virginia, something which ze thinks helps provide a differing perspective on queer, trans, and non-binary than that typically found among Americans living on the coasts. As a sexqueer, non-binary trans femme, zir current interest is in getting away from defining oneself either within or in opposition to the cultural sex/gender binary.
Presenter 2 Information
Dorian Adams
Dorian Adams is a queer theorist and activist, a non-binary, fat, queer femme who works for community, sustainable living, trans* justice, radical parenting and centering marginalized voices. They are currently a grad school applicant who fills their days with thinking too much, chasing a small child, and subversive crafting. This is their first year contributing to the Beyond the Binary working group.
2015 Conference
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