Kids Camp

PTHC Kids Camp exists to provide a fun, community building, and educational space for young people aged 5-11. Lead by our community partners:  Youth Ministry of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod, ELCA

This Year's Theme is:  I CARE 

“Kids Camp will center around the theme of “I Care” this week.  The kids will explore how they care about their family, the earth and their friends and community throughout the three days of the conference.  Our volunteers will engage them in theme based activities, games, learning, crafts and service projects throughout the day.”

  • Thursday – I Care About My Family
  • Friday – I Care About the Earth
  • Saturday – I Care About My Friends & Community


Highlights include:

  • Structured daily programming complimentary to the regular workshop/plenary conference schedule (8:30 am to 7:00 pm)
  • Dynamic volunteer staff with state child protective clearances and CPR training.
  • Structured activities including co-operative games, arts & crafts, mini-workshops, movies and special daily feature programs.
  • Simple lunch and snacks will be provided (or youth can leave with guardians for lunch off-site)
  • Restricted physical space and supervised bathroom facilities so only participants and authorized staff are allowed entry into Kids Camp.
  • Free of charge, though pre-registration is strongly encouraged, so we can prepare adequate staff and supplies.

Please see Camp Guidelines and Daily Schedule below

If you are attending with children younger than 4 this year we will be offering a collective space for parents to spend time with their tots. For more information see PTHC Tot-Space

Older youth will be interested in the PTHC Youth-Space (ages 12+) or in volunteering to help with the PTHC Kids Camp.

For more details on participating and/or volunteering with the PTHC Kids Camp, please inquire by emailing  

Suggestions, donations, and feedback are welcomed.

PTHC Kids Camp Guidelines

The Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference strives to provide safe, all-inclusive, community-building, fun and educational spaces for young people. Kids Camp exists free of charge for youth ages 5-11.

Registration and check-in/out - We collect some basic information at registration so we can better serve your familyʼs particular needs. Children must be checked in and out when they arrive or depart the Kids Camp area so we can keep track of who camp staff are responsible for at any given time. Children will only be released from the space to guardians authorized at check-in.

Participation in programming is permitted at the discretion of the camp supervisor or day manager and you may be asked to remove your child if problems occur.

Disruptive or bullying behaviors will not be tolerated. The staff reserves to right to request immediate pick-up by guardians following persistent disruptive or unsafe behavior.

Supervision and Access - Access to Kids Camp is controlled and limited to young people aged 5-11, authorized volunteers, camp staff and featured guests. Authorized volunteers are those with child abuse clearance credentials on file with the Mazzoni Center or recognized partner group. Only authorized volunteers are allowed to accompany children to the bathroom and at no time is one child alone with one adult. For the structure of the camp, guardians are not permitted in the Kids Camp area.

Emergency Availability - Care-givers must be available by mobile phone at all times. If no phone is available, a guardian must check in every 90 minutes to address discipline, emotional, or other concerns that may arise with their children. If a care-giver is not available for the child or accessible to the camp staff the camp supervisor and day manager reserve the right to refuse further participation from the child.

Lunch/Snacks/Drinks - Lunch and simple snacks are provided at Kids Camp. If you must provide your child with treats (candy, soft drinks, etc.) please do so only when you have your child checked out of camp (to prevent envy of other campers). There will be a “beverage parking lot” at the registration desk where campers can leave and access drinks.

Eating Out - You are welcome to check your child out for lunch. If you purchase any food not provided by Kids Camp, we ask that you consume it with your child outside of Kids Camp (e.g. In the community space) to prevent envy from other camp participants.

Peanuts/Allergies - The PTHC youth spaces will be peanut-free zones. All allergies and other need-to-know health conditions should be reported at registration so the camp staff can help monitor the childrenʼs safety. Please do not leave medicine in your childʼs care.

Photography/Video - To protect the well-being of our campers and their families, there will be no photography or video-taping in the camp spaces. Families are welcome to document their conference experiences and camp relationships outside of the camp space, under parental supervision.

Camp Rules - Camp staff will daily review the rules with campers each morning. This helps the children ease into the structure of our camp program.

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms - PTHC is committed to offering gender neutral bathrooms during the conference. However, this presents interesting interpretation issues for younger children. Because some campers have expressed curiosity about urinal use which has been uncomfortable for adult urinal users, we will direct all children to use the bathroom that does not contain urinals. Directing all children to one bathroom also assists us in providing proper supervision of the children. Your assistance in interpreting proper decorum in the bathroom is appreciated.

Personal Possessions - Campers are discouraged from bringing special items, electronic toys, cell phones, or toys/games to share. The camp is not equipped with cubbies, lockers, or any other method to monitor personal belongings. Caregivers are not able to use Kids Camp as a bag check. Space is limited and needs to be reserved for the childrenʼs activities. Please understand that the camp staff is not available to watch over a childʼs cell phone, spending money, or other gear. There will be a Lost and Found for odds and ends left behind at the registration table.

Kids Camp is a service provided by the PTHC & is a cooperative endeavor between caregivers, guardians, volunteers, participants & camp staff.

PTHC Kids Camp Daily Schedule

(subject to change)

            8:30-8:45am - Drop-off/Check-in

8:45-9:30 am – Opening community time and cooperative games

9:30-11:00am – Daily theme introduction and theme activities

11:00-11:30am – Kid Choice Time (quiet and active options)

11:30-11:45 am– Lunch prep, bathroom

11:45-12:45pm - Lunch

12:45-1:30pm – Craft time

1:30 – 1:45 pm– Bathroom break

1:45 – 2:45 pm – Gross motor games

3:00-4:30 pm – Movie & snack

4:30 – 5:30 pm – Drama activity

5:30-6:30 – Service Project

            6:30-7:00pm - Pick-up/Check-out