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3 amazing films about the personal lives and experiences of trans people in our community who are dedicated to moving the transgender agenda forward personally and politically. Gender Reel, the East Coasts only multi-media festival dedicated to enhancing visibility of gender non-conforming and transgender people. The 3 films are: "Against the Grain," follows the story of Oluseyi, a cultural organizer, artist, healer, Nigerian and Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) candidate whose spirit is transcending gender. The film traces their journey including hormone replacement therapy - testosterone - and the path of understanding identity as gender non-conforming or Tako Tabo (womyn/man). This is the first time this film is being screened in the Philadelphia area. "Changing Houses," Rusty and Chelsea are a transgender lesbian couple who devoted fifteen years to making their Brooklyn home a communal living space for transgender women in need. A crossroads for transgender civil rights organizers, the house became home to Stonewall legend Sylvia Rivera in the last years of her life. The couples dream of a commune quickly became unmanageable as social workers referred more young transgender women to Rusty and Chelsea then they could accomodate, and eventually the self-made family lost their "Ma" Sylvia. This film commemorates the houses rich activsit history, reflects on the joys and challenges of communal living and discusses the continued struggles of the transgender community with regards to discrimination and homelessness. "Envisioning Justice," is a short documentary about the life and work of Pauline Park, a transgender activist based in New York City. At the conclusion of the screenings, Oluseyi and Pauline will conduct a short Q & A with the audience.

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Pauline Park
A transracial adoptee born in Korea, Park is a cofounder for the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy (NYAGRA). Park, along with NYAGRA, led the campaign for the successful passage of the transgender rights ordinance and negotiated inclusion of gender identity and expression in the Dignity for All Students Act. Park was the first openly transgender individual chosen to be a grand marshal of the New York City Pride March.
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Seyi t. adebanjo
Seyi is a cultural organizer, artist, healer, Nigerian and Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) candidate whose spirit is transcending gender.
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Joe Ippolito
Joe, and other Gender Reel Organizers will be introducing the mini film festival, and talking about Gender Reel.
2015 Conference
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